Olympic Men’s Hockey Semifinal: CANvsUSA , 21 Feb 14

Yet another CANvsUSA rivalry match. USA looking to avenge their loss in 2010, Canada looking for a repeat. Game start at 9am PT This is definitely promising to be one of the best games in the tournament!

Live Feed

Post Game

Oh man what a game. We waited 4 years for this rematch, and it was worth it. The play for both sides were phenomenal – a true Olympic competition. The plays were clean, the level of skill high, and mistakes few. Seriously, this was a match up that was action packed, skilled, and nerve wracking. Even if Canada seem to spend more time on the attack, there was always the threat of the USA just peeking around the corner. One little mistake and suddenly the puck was flying your way, and both teams would pick up on the other’s mistakes and make ’em pay. The game had me jumping and half screaming every close call, and there were plenty of those – The result? Same as in Vancouver. Canada came out on top.

Sorry USA, too bad we couldn’t have played you guys in the gold medal game. Maybe we’ll have a rematch in 2018.

My 3 Favorite Tweets from the Game

If you don’t know what equestrian is, Google it

And the American favorite: Buzzfeed’s “Sexiest US Men’s hockey player



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