Olympic Women’s Hockey Final: CANvsUSA, 20 Feb 14

Canada VS USA… the rivalry doesn’t get any more intense than this! Scroll down for post game!

Live Feed

Post Game

This tweet contains all you need to know:

Holy hell that was a nail biter of a gold medal match, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. A true storybook ending for Team Canada, this was one of the games that was definitely worth watching – both teams played well, and there were few mistakes made on each side. If you didn’t get a chance to see the game, go watch the highlights. Notice I’m not suggesting it, you need to see it.

Both teams played with a fiery passion that you don’t seem to get anywhere outside of the Olympics. You watch the NHL, where teams that trail 2-0 are just deflated and demotivated. On the flipside, these players never let it get to them – it was a grind ’til the end, and that sure paid off for team Canada.

My 3 favorite tweets from the game:

The best feeling in the world

Hah. Get it? fruits? juicy?.. you know what never mind.



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