Outdoor game in Raincouver? Doesn’t sound like a great idea. Except it’s supposed to snow 25cm this weekend, so it seems the weather gods are on our side for now (#Snowcouver?) Either way, it’s going to be a good game to watch; both teams are ever-so-close to being in the wildcard slots in their conferences, and every point counts. I can see things getting heated fast.

Also, sorry Sens, as much as I love you guys, I am locationally biased to root for the Canucks. Also because I don’t jump off the bandwagon once they start losing. You’ll always be my number 2 ❤

Go Canucks Go!

and Sens too! yay!

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What a game. The intensity played by both teams were commendable, and it makes sense when you realize that there’s a playoff spot on the line for both teams here. As a Canucks (Millionaires?) AND a Senators fan, it was an interesting game to watch. While I was stoked each time the Sens scored, I also died a bit inside knowing that it’s putting my home team further and further away from a playoff spot.

What really bugged me this game is the lack of support for Lack from the fans (notice how I didn’t go for the overused joke there?) Yeah, I get that Lu deserves a start and hasn’t played for ages, and that him playing could’ve changed the outcome of the game, but seriously, show some damn respect for Eddie here. He’s been stellar, and he played a solid game today. Booing him isn’t going to make anything better, and it’s only going make us fans look bad. So seriously, respect the man between the pipes, especially when he performs like a champ. Don’t give him a hard time for a decision he didn’t make.

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This SERIOUSLY bugs me


Gold medal game! What more is there to say? If it’s anything close to the USA Canada game, it’ll be some first class entertainment

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GOLD, GOLD, GOOOOLLLLDDDD For Canada!!! Canada put on a stellar dominant game, and finishes the Olympic tournament without ever trailing. Bringing home another gold medal after 4 long years, Canada had a perfect penalty kill, and capitalized on the turnovers. They passed with amazing accuracy and were able to intercept and poke away Sweden’s passes. There’s really not much else to say other than “Thank’s for the amazing game to watch, and congratulations on gold. Until 2018.”

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A bit off color? Meh. Everything I do is a bit off color

Yet another CANvsUSA rivalry match. USA looking to avenge their loss in 2010, Canada looking for a repeat. Game start at 9am PT This is definitely promising to be one of the best games in the tournament!

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Oh man what a game. We waited 4 years for this rematch, and it was worth it. The play for both sides were phenomenal – a true Olympic competition. The plays were clean, the level of skill high, and mistakes few. Seriously, this was a match up that was action packed, skilled, and nerve wracking. Even if Canada seem to spend more time on the attack, there was always the threat of the USA just peeking around the corner. One little mistake and suddenly the puck was flying your way, and both teams would pick up on the other’s mistakes and make ’em pay. The game had me jumping and half screaming every close call, and there were plenty of those – The result? Same as in Vancouver. Canada came out on top.

Sorry USA, too bad we couldn’t have played you guys in the gold medal game. Maybe we’ll have a rematch in 2018.

My 3 Favorite Tweets from the Game

If you don’t know what equestrian is, Google it

And the American favorite: Buzzfeed’s “Sexiest US Men’s hockey player


Canada VS USA… the rivalry doesn’t get any more intense than this! Scroll down for post game!

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This tweet contains all you need to know:

Holy hell that was a nail biter of a gold medal match, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. A true storybook ending for Team Canada, this was one of the games that was definitely worth watching – both teams played well, and there were few mistakes made on each side. If you didn’t get a chance to see the game, go watch the highlights. Notice I’m not suggesting it, you need to see it.

Both teams played with a fiery passion that you don’t seem to get anywhere outside of the Olympics. You watch the NHL, where teams that trail 2-0 are just deflated and demotivated. On the flipside, these players never let it get to them – it was a grind ’til the end, and that sure paid off for team Canada.

My 3 favorite tweets from the game:

The best feeling in the world

Hah. Get it? fruits? juicy?.. you know what never mind.


Canada vs Latvia, A hell of a heated game; it really shouldn’t have been that intense, but Latvian goaltender Gudlevskis definitely kept Latvia on their feet and Canada on their toes!

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My 3 favorite tweets from the game:

Alright, this isn’t from the game, but it’s from the time of the game, so that’s sorta the same thing

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